First of all we want to start thanking you for your time and interest in our delicious and refreshing project. Keep in mind that DogeCola is not just another NFT project!

It encompasses the traditional NFT through utility. With DogeCola NFT collection, holders get the chance to collect 2.000 uniquely and randomly auto-generated characters. The collection is fully connected to our amazing ecosystem.

Can you imagine DOGES who have turned our characters into different species, famous celebrities, Robots, Vampires, Aliens and much more. Each specie has different rarity levels.

Our goal is to make cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone in the world.

With DogeCola, we are building the finance system of tomorrow that is more efficient, faster, more rewarding, and levels the crypto space for everyone.

Our core dev team all work for the largest technology companies in the world, you most likely use one of the features we helped to build everyday. Furthemore Dogecola is already in the crypto space since July 2021 and has built an amazing community that is waiting for the launch of the drink on the real market. Dogecola NFT is not just any JPEG NFT project. Dogecolas NFT is strictly connected to all ecosystem. NFT holders are rewarded each month with DogeCola token. Furthermore people that buy DogeCola drink in the real world can scan a QR and the bottle and win exclusive and refreshing DogeCola NFTs!

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